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The Hygge Boba Tea & Smoothies Story

Made with Fresh Fruit.

Hygge: A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

Boba: Chewy tapioca pearls.

Tea: Hot or cold, tea is one of the most enjoyed and healthiest drinks that is consumed across the world. We source our tea globally and focus on Nordic-blends.

Smoothies: Sourcing from local farms, we use the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs in all of our drinks.

Kevin Sommer Warthan is of Danish, Norwegian, English, and Welsh descent. As a kid, Kevin and his family would drive down the California coast from NorCal to SoCal and stop in Solvang to enjoy aebleskiver and the Danish culture. Amy Zhang-Warthan is from China where the story of tea begins. Together they enjoy learning and teaching each other about tea and culture. They believe that they can bring exceptional tea, smoothies, and small bites that reflect and incorporate the culture of Denmark with the Asian tea culture while providing an exceptional and memorable visit to guests and locals.

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